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Project management

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B2B Solutions

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The HeartCare Company

Getting where one belongs to, is a lifetime journey. Doing what one is supposed to, is a momentum. Being in people’s business is what inspires us most – Healthcare being our core competency! Serving clients with a sense of empathy, task management & emotional intelligence, has helped us in growing our business.

A vision to excel and hard work never fails to breed success. It is a premise that aptly describes Seema Prabhu, the individual and professional, who founded and bootstrapped the HeartCare Company.

The HeartCare Story began in 2007 and as mentioned earlier, it was the brainchild of like minded experienced professionals from medical fraternity. Commencing business with all the bonafide intentions and with an innate knack to turn adversities into opportunities, the HeartCare took off to a flying start.

Since its inception, and the subsequent inclusion of Mr. Subil Prabhu in the Board of Directors,  HeartCare  has evolved into a group of highly committed professionals with operational excellence and fantastic turnaround time.

Initially the business was primarily restricted to HealthCare Products and since then, it has expanded its business in the domain of Information Technology too.

Our Vision & Mission


To be a reliable and preferred Medical Product supplier, coupled with Information Technology services  to Corporates, Hospitals and Medical Institutions by providing and delivering Quality products.


To become a global Healthcare and Information Technology organization, in the Domestic and International sectors and have an extensive portfolio of extremely affordable and ‘low cost’ medicines, digital health and IT Solutions made available, to all and sundry.



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Our Strengths

Industry Contacts

We share a great equation with the topmost Doctors and professionals in the Medical fraternity, which helps us in providing the products as per their requirements. This has made us the most preferred vendors among our loyal clientele.

Servicing Skills

Moreover, over the years because of our regular interaction and stellar servicing skills, we have slowly and steadily built a vast network among the Doctors and the Medical fraternity. This in turn has indeed helped us in growing our business exponentially.

Understanding Customer Need

Our ability to understand the Consumer/Client’s need and to empathize with them has augmented our business and we have been consistently achieving our targets and at times overshooting them, year after year.

Logical Approach

We are always able to apply a logical ‘common sense’ approach to problem solving.

Customer Relationship

Build lasting customer and business relationships through service excellence and open communication

Extremely Professional Approach

Extremely proficient in Cross-Cultural Work Environments

Key Milestones

Extremely proud of the fact that we were the first organization to supply PPE kits, initially to BMC, and then, all over Maharashtra during the initial Covid’19 phase. In lieu of our excellent service and fantastic turnaround times, we were awarded with a certification from MCGM. An absolute honor in recognition of our work and service during the critical initial phase of the Pandemic.
Due to our considerable growing reputation and cost efficient products we bagged the Tender of DMRE for its Anti Rabies vaccine.
Owing to our expertise we bagged the Tender for Shirdi Sansthan to supply Heart Stents. This was also a social initiative, along with several free medical camp organized by us

A lifelong commitment to influence and create a Healthier World………

Message from the directors

Brilliant team

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Rich experience

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24/7 online support

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Affordable prices

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“Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”

Alexandra Blackfire

Co-founder, CEO

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