HeartCare Pharma


HeartCare Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was also founded in the year 2007, as a subsidiary of the HeartCare Group with a vision to serve the Healthcare industry. Our initial foray was by supplying Anti Rabies vaccines to State run hospitals via government tenders (DMRE rate contract). Gradually because of our exemplary service and great turnaround times, we expanded our services to include the Marketing and Distribution of Medical devices like Cardiac Stents and Oxygenators.

Subsequently in the coming years, we participated in GgeBIZ  Singapore Government’s one-stop e-procurement portal and were awarded tender for conducting Clinical Product trials. A great honor and it also did wonders to our learning curve.

Now, after coming a long way we can also proudly state, that we have our very own brand of GENERIC MEDICINES.  Generic drugs like pain killer, anti inflammatory / anti anxiety. This has been the result of our consistent efforts and commitment to provide excellent products based on quality and assurance.

Currently we are supplying Pharmaceuticals and Non-Woven Surgical Disposables along with other related products to major Corporates, Government institutions and Private Hospitals.

Our Products


Aceclofenac + Paracetamol P
(100 mg + 325 mg)


(650 mg)


Levocetirizine + Montelukast
(05 mg + 10 mg)


Paracetamol + Diphenhydramine HCL + Phenylephrine HCL + Caffeine
(500 mg + 25 mg + 5 mg + 30 mg)


Lornoxicam + Paracetamol
(4 mg + 325 mg)